Quality is More Important Than Quantity

Backlinks are one of the most important factors in Google’s ranking algorithm. In the past, many webmasters confused link building with spamming. Getting backlinks with automated tools through forums, blog comments and social media sites is not link building. Websites that generated links through automated tools were penalized and removed from Google’s index when Google released the so-called ‘Penguin’ update

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How To Ask Your Clients For Google + Business Reviews?

Google + Business Reviews

It is an awkward conversation. Do this too subtly, and people will wonder if it is even a request. If it’s done too forcefully, people might resent that they were asked at all. When it comes to how to ask your clients for Google + business reviews, a little fines plus confidence is required.

There are certain steps that should be taken in this process. Miss a part of the process, and it might not work as well. People are complicated, but most happy customers are more than willing to help the business out in creating a review. The following are some steps that can be taken to ensure the review lands on the right web page.

Find a Place Online to Store the Data

Many times now people will be shopping at a franchise, and the check out person will circle the online review survey at the bottom of the receipt. A receipt, in fact, is an excellent place to put the website that the business wants reviews on.

If the business wants independent reviews on google, then they can still indicate on the bottom of the receipt to go to Google + reviews. The act of circling may or may not be something the receptionist or service provider wants to circle at the end of the transaction.

Provide a Memorable Experience to the Customer

Make sure though that the business’ service actually mandates the client taking time out of the day to go online for a review. That means providing the superior service that customers deserves. The popular mandate of ‘the customer is always right’ has flown out the window these days. There are businesses that will argue with clients about their feedback. This is simply rude and costs the business future clients. A business might feel on top of the world at a certain point, but all those successful companies succeeded because of consumer loyalty. And this is how they continue to thrive.

So make sure first that the employees don’t have bad days that they will later be tempted to take out on customers, inevitably securing future bad reviews. Provide them with the support that they need to feel comfortable in the work environment. If an employee complains, listen carefully to this and address the issue head on. Make sure that a toxic work environment never happens through pro activity, and check and balances in management.

Ask Customers Nicely and Explain Why the Reviews Help

This is the most important part in terms of the communication ball not being dropped. All the employees must not be afraid to ask nicely that they leave a review of the experience online. Make sure that they also explain to clients that the company really values reviews. Also, they can tell the customers to e-mail them regarding any feedback that they have, and that they would love to make their service better.

Taking the time to be kind to customers is not difficult. It is not just lip service; it is a holistic approach. People need to feel that the work environment is enjoyable, not tense and abusive. Also, customers would like the actual reason they are paying to be worth their money. Finally, customers will never know how much a review means to the business if they are not told directly.

Acworth Sewer Inspection: When Sewer Inspection is the Way to Go!

Sewer Inspection

There are many beautiful properties in the city of Acworth. Many of these homes are both elegant and stylish. But even the most amazing looking homes can have serious problems lurking under the ground. Sewer drain issues are a fact of life that often occur when you least expect them to. These problems can be big or small depending on the age of your drain line. Today, we are going learn how Acworth sewer inspection can help with this issues and so much more! But before we dive deeper into which situations you can benefit from sewer inspection, let’s learn what it is.

What Is a Sewer Inspection?

In the past, sewer inspection required the contractor to dig up portions of your drain line just to find the problem. But now with modern day technology, sewer inspection requires little if any digging. This saves both time and your lawn. In today’s world, technicians lower high-tech camera systems directly into the sewer drain line. Connected to a cable, the camera will allow the technician to carefully inspected the entire drain. This will expose any issues that the drain line might have. Then the repair technician will be able to apply the appropriate fix.

When Sewer Inspection Is the Way to Go!

There are several different situations that would greatly benefit from a Acworth sewer inspection. Many of these situations might seem obvious, while others you might not have thought about before. So if you own a property in the beautiful city of Acworth, please pay close attention to the helpful information below. It just might help you decide if a sewer inspection is right for you.

  • Great for finding difficult clogs: If you have been dealing with hard to remove clogs, a sewer inspection will quickly find them. This will make removal easy and simple. After the clog is located using the camera system, a powerful water jet can be used to bust up the clog.
  • You will find small problems sooner: Most sewer drain related issues start out very small but if left untreated, they can grow into a much more expensive problem. A sewer inspection can help find these issues and let you fix them before they end up costing you a bundle.
  • Before you sell your home: If you are placing your home on the market soon, having a Acworth sewer inspection can help. By being able to show potential buyers that your sewer system is in good working order, they will often place a higher bid. This will give you the most bang for your buck and allow you to get more for your home.
  • Increased flow: If you notice that your sinks don’t drain as fast as they used to, you probably can benefit from a sewer inspection. Sometimes clogs and other problems such as root growth can slow down your system. A routine camera inspection can quickly locate these blockages allowing them to be removed. This will greatly improve your flow and get your sewer system back to working the way it should.

Top Kitchen Remodeling, Renovation & Designing Ideas in Chicago

Kitchen Remodeling

Achieving the flawlessly functional and the attractive kitchen and the bath design in Chicago requires a strictly professional help who specializes in these kind of spaces. Not only do these rooms see the most action of the house, but they also require the most planning and attention to the extensive detail. When one is designing them, a bath and the kitchen designer must keep a strong focus on the homeowner’s wants and the needs while also considering the things like the potential resale value. Continue Reading…

Why Choose Professional Drain Cleaning Services in Alpharetta, GA?

Professional Drain Cleaning

It does not matter if it is a sluggish toilet in the bathroom or a slow draining sink in the kitchen, plumbing problems are more common than most people may think. In fact, until these problems have been repaired, they may cause a wide variety of different issues that people prefer not to see. While some homeowners may try a do it yourself solution to assist with their concerns, other homeowners may call for a professional right away. Continue Reading…

Attacking Ad Fraud Leads Technorati To Top Marks In Pixalate’s Global Seller Trust Index

Attacking Ad Fraud Leads Technorati To Top Marks In Pixalate’s Global Seller Trust Index

Technorati, a company of advertising technology specialists that builds tools and services to accelerate publisher programmatic revenue, earned top marks in several key areas of Pixalate’s Global Seller Trust Index. The Index measures more than 100 billion monthly impressions and delivers ratings based upon inventory quality and ad performance along with classic reach ranking.
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Taking Medication for Depression Doesn’t Mean I’m Weak

Taking Medication for Depression Doesn't Mean I'm Weak

The first week or so on Wellbutrin was a blur. We were in the process of moving from Louisiana to Texas, and I felt a little like I was on speed. Wellbutrin contains a stimulant, so it’s different from other antidepressants in that way. I found I couldn’t drink too much coffee or alcohol, because both brought on horrible side effects when combined with the medication. I was clenching my teeth and shaking my leg a lot more, but I also wasn’t coming straight home from work and crawling into bed or spending three hours in the bathtub crying, so I accepted the side effects. Eventually, I got used to it, and the effects lessened. It helped for a while.
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